black tongue coma cover video lyrics

She drinks the cum of the dead
Trails of slime where her cunt has bled
Black eyes filled with fucking lust
Slowly you flesh turns into crust

Fucking black, she lives for lust
Stripping flesh from your bones
Fucking black, want you death
Suckng life from your veins
Turning black, takes you soul
Slave to this rotting corpse
Forever back, dwell in Hell
Lick the maggots from her slit

Face is covered with a veil of black
Don't open it, you'öö see your death
Foul stench from her toothless mouth
Goat semen spawned this Whore

(repeat chorus)

Beelsebub's possessed whore
Saliva drippng from her tongue
Warts cover her pale flesh
The necromancers bastard spawn

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Music video for BLACK TONGUE's COMA. Taken from their upcoming EP 'Born Hanged'. Featuring Matthew Jones of Martyr Defiled. Purchase the single/check ...



original video - MYFH2 Underground - Thank you for ...

Black Tongue "Coma" Vocal Cover (Jared Dines and Austin Dickey)


Recorded on a DRV100 microphone into a FIRESTUDIO project preamp. Some EQ'ing and Compression was added to even out the screams and make them ...

Black Tongue - coma cover video


just a little cover I've managed to put together voice a little crackly on some parts a little sick. Follow me on Instagram @ Broken_Affiliation Follow me on Twitter ...

Coma (ft. Matt Jones)


Provided to YouTube by YouTube CSV2DDEX Coma (ft. Matt Jones) · Black Tongue Born Hanged / Falsifier (Redux) ℗ 2014 Century Media Records Ltd ...

Black Tongue - Coma [unOfficial Lyric Video]


Tried to make it Brutal. Black Tongue's Facebook: -{ }- Hope you like it! Do I like it? Kinda....

Black Tongue "Coma" VOCAL COVER


I needed to let out some frustration somehow, so I did this. Not perfect by any means, but whatever. Hopefully this will hold you over until the top 10 video is fully ...



I think almost since the very start of my channel I've been getting requests for this song and band. To be honest I'm expecting a ton of hate comments after this ...

Electric Reactions (BLACK TONGUE -COMA LYRIC VIDEO)!!!!!!


Electric Reactions ((BLACK TONGUE -COMA LYRIC VIDEO)!!!!!! SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!

Black Tongue- Coma (Vocal Cover)


AYEEEEEE downtempo goodness, I used a new High scream technique in this cover i dunno if i like it or not just fucking around with new tones. Shout out to ...

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