yoyo 精選合輯 妖怪手錶 poli 波力│ 100首 卡通 mv │兒歌│唱跳│律動 lyrics

the word de nad you see'd fell me
harder rove you enemy
so trab you we'd again 危ない driving war
this crazy on my fear the story
and tied have you wait to me
et raugh rad do will
is tick it out ver nouter werd you see undraw

you see but i know
the screamer ravel a word
discrow play back so far
you wed nat so right

grovey not to be the having
driview at to nether scene
bet flow to what you weed
estake it raffle not end floot on me under raw

you see but i know
the screamer ravel a word
discrow play back so far
you wed nat so roview

enemy road a see to be wear no
addew way you will 翻弄

so braphew thee dreamin
night to heven scrade mean
un ought to rat new see you were the line
destroy if or not to c you and me
fly where know you fader in
thus crove what to well
and ever raff in nad on
is fell all down
just fell all down
wanna fear stun forever end downer
roud you stay for make me down
are you end so

enemy road a see to be wear no
addew way you will
to renner me the word a see to be wear no
addew way you ill

done 並ぶ another scene
wavernous nurder
care about a rathers or
steppher the never done


思い出して 夜へ響く


思い出して 夜へ響く

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