insane bass test 5 lyrics

So the legend goes, he was BLESSED, breath to hold
With paper to do right/write and nothing to do left but FOLD
Take your PIC(K) when the question's POSED for the camera
Stayed in the freshest clothes, and he laid with a weapon close
They say that death is cold. But he stressed that a death is code
For being kept from the rest who know of all the answers

So another episode gets filmed
Of the ghetto intellectual; but which will
To settle them is the best, you know? He spit real

And met em all with a breath as cold as windchill

Yet another stepping stone, that I flex upon
The last left when the pressure's on

The last test of the reckless gone
I directed, no, I redirected those and my necklace gold

Yo, my gold necklace!

Word of advice; the ice, yea, don't test it
A couple of them done tried and don't believe me
Done died, cuz I'm a genie granting your death wish

Haha, Yo, my gold necklace!

Word of advice; the ice, yea, don't test it
A couple of them done tried and don't believe me
Done died, cuz I'm a genie granting your death wish


I got 4 chains
I said I got 4 chains!

That's next next level
You can try to get hair/here, no Rogaine
They gassed up quick?
Well, I throw the match up, lit

I'm about to blow up, hurt yall as a day job
That's pro-pain (propane)

Out from the shadows and into the flame

No person living remembers my name
No curse I've given is said without curses
Or multiple hearses in churches with shame

Look at these pictures I paint
Hop out the chopper with choppers
Proceed to the safe

My chick never miss when she pop. Bet you gone think she's your aunt when she your face

Better watch who you're talking to
Before you have to watch who you're talking to

No jail time, when I tell time
I mean I got a watch I can talk into

Acquired power to control that
He redid errors. Me, I can redo eras
And it's no wonder they say my soul black

Popping bottles with your bae
I rock Chicago to the bay, know what? hold up
I run the game when I get to snap
Like a quarterback option without the play;

Yall be looking real outta place, I'mma put you in yours, though
They copy me like 10-4 I got a 10 for em out the 4 door

I'll admit it, I'll admit it
I've been out there for a minute
Took my eyes off the throne while I finished
Grown on my business
Zone in the cold winter snow;
I'm a menace and I'm on ...
But my flow is the ceiling, so I'm a level above.
And I've been leveling up.
And I've just never been better, you never better than us!
I'm bout to show you your roll when I spin it.
Street Light
You're getting too arrogant...
Hold up, tell me like I care again.
Remain humble, that's how I became trouble.
but really, the same struggle brings me right back here to spend
Just a little bit mo - time.
to myself for the wealth that you won't find til you end up in that casket, finally.
So I know to let the pass/past behind me like an O-Line
I'm Going off on a tangent.
Knew that you couldn't stand it; never gave me a cosine.
They said forget what you about to see; hold the Glock from the right angle, that's some real trigga-nometry.
so high
I know it's over your head.
I know I'm close to the ledge, I'm going over the edge.
I would drop a 100 bars to get me a loaf of bread, so what you think I'mma do if we talking numbers instead?
These days, I wish somebody would try me.
I know that ain't right, but it's just the way I'm designed, see.
I ain't really heard a diss in a minute, I guess every competition when y'all would finish behind me, made you come to your senses; ya getting sick of it finally.
And I can't leave it alone.
I just be in the zone.
I think I need me a clone to clone me a third Street for the third week in a row
And firstly, I defer to confirm that there's 9 people.
The fourth and the third serving their purpose of fighting evil.
The fifth and second be my assistants and fix weapons which 6, 7 and 8 just break when they get reckless
Haven't given them names, ashamed; a big section of things I didn't get to explain.
The mixed message I sent to the 5th told him dispense of the pen necklace intended for tenth.
He didn't -- then he gives it to 2nd
2nd creates tenth, the literal X weapon, visual specs, built a little bit excessive.
Only got 3 goals.
One to defeat 4.
After terminating 8, right before he kills 7th
9 and 5 both put in work, but they're hit.
Strategic defense.
I'm keeping 6 protected.
I blast two shots to blast two and pop ten in half too up out of his ten and a half shoe
With 6 hurt.
I seen him die from his wound
I'm still looking for bodies, somebody here in this room just passed out.
And what you mean what happened to third?
That was first on the flo, who you think finished this verse?
Hi, Damien Page.
I see you Robin us, you think you Damian Wayne?
Maybe display something other than crazy insane?
Keep the cash, you're trash boy.
Could you pay me in pain?
That melodramatic garbage is bout as soft as yo name switch...
Let em gas you up on the internet, who you hang with?
Beef with me, you won't believe that we speaking the same language
I should quit it, I should quit it.
They asking me how I do it.
They wanna know how I did it.
I keep it about the music and only bout how I'm living.
And know you gotta be stupid to think the sky is the limit
I know it's getting confusing but with the style I invented, it's better for me to use it than sitting round and pretending like I ain't getting abusive with all the lines I'm producing and shooting through ya computer I do it like I intended
You're foolish, you're not intuitive.
You're a 2, I'm a 10.
And a tenant up in the booth while you hula-hoop with your friends.
You really a child to me, this what I do to a kid- Just hit em with *shoryuken*.
bet I do it again.
I don't know when I got so lethal.
When I realized youtube not gon feed you?
And I prolly need to but can't stop.
Or when I knew the people that I name drop not gone beat you?
You ever feel like you know you know you got it?
Watching everybody scramble.
I'm throwing from the pocket.
Got me out here like I'm Rambo.
You going for the option, but going against a line of mine, it's on and popping
I feel like if I say that I kill mics, I'm being a cliche, okay but I still might. ...
okay, I kill mics but at least I cast lines.
I'm living that reel life--
Hot as the bottom of cast irons my favorite pass-time and flow like a steel pipe...
I think that's why hate me, though.
I turn on the radio and listen like this isn't real life.
At the same time, watching all my homies fall off.
It's a problem, so I check em and tell em it's "y'all ball".
It's what you do with the music, you slept when I lost all, in 2011 you said you down for the long haul.
I tried to help De
I guess the boy didn't want it, even Selah who I still got love for.
But I'm on my braggadocio, shoutout to OVO and Jay Rock, too
So when they pass you the AUX in the whip.
Here's a 100 bars you can startle em with.
Going full blown crazy, they all wanna hate me, remember this you ever think of starting to trip


Can a young spitta just rap anymore?
Without somebody closed caption-ing for him
Jaws on the carpet. Like I just brought the shark in
Street finally snapped. No poetry worth applauding

And all the dummies who rap: why are you even talking? So focused on my career cuz we know your music is garbage!
But first I'll let July. Better leave it by August, or they ain't gon hear nothing September when you falling!
People claim they're my fans. Maybe that's why I'm sweating, cuz when they disagree with my methods
They just go and blog it. Only a few, regardless. I be seeing the comments
That you don't like my videos, change the way I'm recording...

But shoutout to the people who make me feel like I'm Jordan. Way back in 84 before he became important!
Wanna be a Saint who just does what he New Orleans back
Like he can't sting back like a Hornet
But go head and test me, I wrote the book to this class
You passed out, won't catch me
The answers are on my hands. I'd spazz out if you let me
But I was keepin it canned A Prime example is Sketchy
Some people got a free pass.

How you doing, J.O.? I know that you be listening. I see you like a mentor when it comes to musicians
Thank you for the support, and direction that you've given
But I'll rip you bar for bar
Just make sure you know the difference!

I study your versatility. A fan of your music. The Harmonies and producing... even got a costume. I'm kidding

Oh, I guess a video's what it takes to be dope now. Sounds like an excuse people use when their lyrics broke down
Double entendres. It's so easy for me. Quit worrying bout my es, and try to work on YO SOUND.

Yall about nothing... I bodied without touching and tryna catch a body cuz
I body without cussing...
Nobody try me in real life disses cuz ain't it something?
These nobody's know better, than not to start running

Don't talk to me bout hip hop, I'll mess around and embarrass you
Try to rhyme wit me
I guarantee I'll embarrass you
Wanna go against me, see if I don't embarrass you.
Street done got cold, somebody go get the Theraflu.

Now everybody wanna rap fast. Like that's talent
You'll catch a backhand in the back of neck that'll knock you off balance
Better tell you fans and crew stop asking questions
When the lesson's over, bet I hold the Mic a little bit closer, get colder.
When you're froze I'mma go so much slower, like fool, I told ya

It ain't nothing... so to the clowns judging
Next time I'mma spit 1, 000 bars in just a hunnid lines
Who am I kidding? I won't enter competitions anymore cuz on flow alone
All Yall under-mine...

Baseheads. Pulling strings like the bass said
So I guess that's what the base-ment
Funny. Seems Yall still at the bottom but you're nothing but an addict
Too many lines to get. Just quit it. You're bad at it

Stop saying that you're my homie! Never call me your friend...
None of you even know me
And even some of who did can get it
I've written lines for killing specific guys if you ever wanna clip the ties
Then we can get in...

There's a short list of people that I wouldn't bring the beef to
Only out of respect and knowing I'll never need to. Be it
They're all lethal on the mic but we don't need to fight
I mean it's kinda like we all behind the scenes cool...

Rey, Razi, Alyssa, Shizzy, Siryss, Decision, Sir Buttah, Delazoo, Jewlz
And that's about the list of those who fit in this picture
Many others are cool
But can't compare to the length of time I've known these fools
There's 1 missing but I don't know where he stands
Sitting and wishing he'd get himself out the palm
Of the Jester's hand, it's my long time rival
But he ain't gonna make it, if you need a clue
Use the mass times acceleration

(The Return)
t's the return of Street!
I know I kept you all concerned for weeks
Just getting into the position I deserve to be
My enemies tossing and turning in sleep
Hoping I'm emerging only a third of as deep
You heard it from me
They taking orders but I'm serving defeatsand beating the best
And now here's the beast from the east on the streets of the west!
Funny, they reserved me a seat
'Cuz now I'm just a wolf in a circle of sheep
I'm eating the rest!
They fear what I stand for, hate who I represent
Like a quarter past 4, my right side's greater than
They saying that I'm Hollywood just because I moved here
But before this glass floor, I had to crawl on cement
You don't understand the struggle that I came from
The muscle I developed from the hustle. Say I ain't tough
You listening to gun rappers, half of it they made up
Cuz when you've lived it, it's exactly what you run away from
When you survive a group of guys who don't fight fair
With nothing but a scar but one of your homies die then
Waking up. 3 AM. Cold sweats. Nightmares. So many regrets
I mean, he was just right there!
Had me feeling like nobody but Christ cared
It's easy to forget the one who really paid the price
Where y'all get the right? I was chosen before I was in high chairs
They saying Street got a Buzz. '13 is Light year...
And I don't need anybody to agree with it
Being on different levels tells me that we gon' see different
While you shovel out your position, I helicopter my sentences
Chopper or not, you know you can't compete with it!
Unpopular, grant it: I have waited behind binoculars
Panic surrounding my occupation
With proper planning and placement
I've gotten carried away with obnoxious manic behavior
Hip Hop's demanding a savior
And I'm not saying I'm it
But these backpacking, bad acting, swagmatic rappers ain't fit
Backstabbing every chance that they get
But I get the last laugh once they see this backhand is equipped
What you think I'm so belligerent for?
They want me to suppress part of what I'm living
And more importantly how I'm spitting, I've gotten sick to the core
And most of all Press Start drops December the 4th
Don't forget it!


I'm from where they got them thangs
Cops & robbers lock &
Choppers got ya 'bouta pop and blow my houses block away
Blocka blocka
Make em stop it
Snap like paparazzi drop it
Count the bodies, hide the
Bow your head & start to pray

Ladies and gentlemen are placing the bets
I'm raising the minimum and facing
The rest
But amazed by the vigilant in face of a threat
The villain now dealing with the ace in the deck
And you are now listening to change in effect of a dangerous game with a chain on his neck
Where the sane are rejected and when you wanna get a message
Your best bet is to gaze on the net
I couldn't care less if I gain their respect when there's bullets from the chambers that came from the techs
In the hood up on the waist where they aim for your death
When your color ain't the same if you claiming a set
A whole lot of rappers want to claim they're upset
Like what they say is only entertainment, I bet
But I really feel it all like pain in my chest
No vest, and they still can't hang with us yet
'Cuz their hangers ain't made for a plane or a jet, with no propellers or blades elevation is less than what I became
Blaming the brain I possess. For the strain, I'm amazed they ain't blaming the mess
On the maze and the blaze that came from the DET, that's D-E-T but I stay in the west
It could never be me that'll cave for a check, whether .mp3 or you play a cassette

I'm from where they got them thangs
Cops & robbers lock & aim
Choppers got ya 'bouta pop and blow my houses block away
Blocka blocka make em stop it
Snap like paparazzi drop it
Count the bodies, hide the shottys
Bow your head & start to pray.
WORK: They need this. The homies in the street. They bleed
So I put in
That WORK. 'Cuz I been there. And most of these rappers don't care
So I give em that WORK. And I can't be beat. Ask anybody, they can't see Street!
Work. This ain't about myself. The game goes blind without my help

I told you I speak no evil, swimming on the coast where they float to defeat your people
But when they get approached or opposed when they lead you is just a minute closer til most of them leave you
Just a preview of the holes that I see through in hopes that I won't be alone in cathedrals so whenever I'm gone in the moment
I'll meet Who controls me and told me be holy and peaceful
I'm leaving the robes to the grown and deceitful, spitting the heat cold while the flow is a lethal rhythm and mean dose that I sew
In a league of my own. So the keys, I'll throw to the people
Ah. I'm long gone from the home to the steeple, feeling like King Kong when he's onto the needle
Telling him he's strong. If I'm wrong through the songs that I speak through quit it I'm all arms on a sequel
We do the most damage. No rambling, imagine the words that we're giving to the masses
And when they get it, they don't even panic. Alas, we established the men and women living through the manic depression-
Where pacifists acts of aggression and bad lessons are just magic in essence. I pass on the Ritalin and catch all the blessings
I'm past in the present do you have any questions?

Money, cars, clothes, drugs, swag, guns, hoes, YOLO!
Money, cars, clothes
Drugs, swag, guns, hoes, YOLO!
Money, and cars, and clothes, and drugs, and
Swag, and guns, and hoes, and YOLO!

And he said...
I want stacks on deck
Racks on racks when I cash those checks
Back of
The class, never passed those tests
So I'm maxing the stash and I grab no
Put it in the causal van
But I'm riding in a red Ferrari with the manual trans
F1. Never test em', tell the feds I'm sorry
But I'm hardly a catchable man
Foot to the gas
Flashing the rarest pair of Jordan's, now look at the pants
Armani shirt, yea. Hard body work
That's car, money, threads and I'm more than the man
Compare what it's worth. Jail isn't worse than a 9-5
Both hail as a curse. I'm tryna shine
But I fell through the Hell in a
Now I lie dead in the dirt

Money, cars, clothes, drugs, swag, guns, hoes, YOLO!
Money, cars, clothes
Drugs, swag, guns, hoes, YOLO!
Money, and cars, and clothes, and drugs, and
Swag, and guns, and hoes, and YOLO!

See y'all gon' learn something... see, by the end of this... either you gon hate me or understand the message

Lea-Lea-Leaves in my lungs
Breathe in the freedom releasing the demons that sleep on the tongue
Dreaming of genies I seek to become
And I'm leaving the species- speaking to none
Popping bottles like I'm popping caps to attract the models I be hollerin' at
Talking smack?
I keep a little in common for women and problems: that's an auto MAC
I will ball and my swag on point like Chris Paul in a mad Rolls Royce. I'm a pimp, dog. With a limp. And my passes, y'all could never pick like you had no choice
The ladies and gangs be hating me lately. Jaded- I'm faded. amazing, I may be
Laid in the grave and the thang is I'm 18
All that remains from all I was

Money, cars, clothes, drugs, swag, guns, hoes, YOLO!
Money, cars, clothes, drugs, swag, guns, hoes, YOLO!
Money, and cars, and clothes, and drugs, and swag, and guns, and hoes, and YOLO!

Want money and he threw them bands
100 when he hit that gas
Straight stunting when
He rock that gear
Stay blunted and he had no fear
Swag is all that
Mattered to him
Bad women, he had to use them
Mags in clips, they
Blasted through him
And that's the path to casket, stupid.

Money, cars, clothes, drugs, swag, guns, hoes, YOLO!
Money, cars, clothes, drugs, swag, guns, hoes, YOLO!
Money, and cars, and clothes, and drugs, and swag, and guns, and hoes, and YOLO!

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