black tongue coma vocal cover by klent gullick lyrics

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Black Tongue - COMA (Vocal Cover by Klent Gullick)


I need to start uploading more covers again don't i? I'm sorry guys i'll make sure to up the cover content in the coming weeks! Figured i'd bang out a one take ...

Black Tongue "Coma" VOCAL COVER


I needed to let out some frustration somehow, so I did this. Not perfect by any means, but whatever. Hopefully this will hold you over until the top 10 video is fully ...

Black Tongue - Coma | VOCAL COVER | 4K (Dr HELL) ✔


This is my vocal cover of the song Coma from the band Black Tongue ▻Make sure to watch it on 4K if you have a 4K Display screen. ▻Check my other infant ...

ATILLA MEETS BLACK METAL VOCALS (Proving Grounds Vocal Cover by Klent Gullick)


Ever wondered what ATTILA would sound like if they stuck to Deathcore? Well now you can! (Share this one around your social media websites for me if you ...

Coma - Black Tongue (Vocal Cover)


My room gets hot quick. Excuse the sweat lol. A couple parts I missed, but no biggie. Hope you guys enjoy!

Black Tongue - Coma (Vocal cover by Daryl Reynolds)


let me know what you think?? SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!!! I do not own this, this is Black Tongue so go check them out!!!

You Only Live Once - Suicide Silence (Vocal Cover By Klent Gullick)


Here is the last one till next Thursday! "You Only Live Once" By Suicide Silence. I've been playing around with a different type of low scream on this one for future ...

Black Tongue - Coma Cover



Possession - REX (Vocal Cover)


Its been way to fucking long. Thanks for staying with me. I love all of you. I have an EP coming out 10/31/2017 Credit: Song: Posession - Rex Produced by: Cody ...

Coma - Black Tongue || vocal cover


I've really liked how my gutturals have been sounding recently, so I decided a Black Tongue cover would be in order.

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