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Beyond the horizon shines a will to live
through dark and grey,
encouraging our expectations
in the morning play.
We look out over infinite oceans,
always on the way
While we all foster our naive illusions,
we're chasing for the day

Like a dream on a string it's dancing,
hoping we all come along
Crossing the boundaries north-south east-west,
nowhere you really belong
Nothing to lose but memories long past,
heaven knows where you begun
Seek for your aim in life.
It's the journey you will become.

Time will change your point of view,
if you will carry on.
Look much further than the place where you stand,
do you hear? Carry on!
And when things go wrong when you tried,
even then carry on.
Every step you take is a will to get by,
could you please carry on?

The night falls
and fears you
no-one hears you
when you start to scream and shout.
Seems nobody's
here to save you
you must break through
to brave the darkest cloud.
Why can't I just believe in me,
and prove myself with my own capacities.
The light I am expecting though
is the light I'll radiate, regained from inner peace.

Don't be afraid, because they say:
"The darkest hour is right before the dawn"

Awareness is one thing
but on the other hand,
the choice is ours to make
for the steps we have to take.
Why worship higher things?
Things much higher than ourselves,
when the universe longs for our creativity!

The morning comes,
you feel the dew beneath your feet,
from the grass you stand upon.
And to your great surprise
you realize
that the horizon, reveals the sun.

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